Boilermaking / Metal & Custom Fabrication

Crafting metal structures and custom fabrications to precision for industrial and commercial applications.

Fixed Plant / Shutdown / 24-7 Maintenance

Comprehensive maintenance services for fixed plant operations, shutdowns, and 24/7 support in industrial settings.

Industrial Equipment Care

Comprehensive industrial equipment repair and maintenance services for various sectors including marine and rail.

Material Welding

Expert welding services for steel, aluminum, stainless steel, bisalloy, and various specialized materials.

Air Arc Gouging, Hard Facing, Plasma/OXY Cutting & Lancing

Specialized metal fabrication techniques including cutting, gouging, and hard facing for industrial applications.

Mobile/Site/Structural/Pressure Welding

Professional welding services for mobile, on-site, structural, and pressure welding requirements.

Stick, MIG & TIG Welding

“Versatile welding techniques including stick, MIG, and TIG for various metal joining applications.”

B & R Australia Pty Ltd is a trusted on-site welding and repair specialist, providing top-tier services such as repairs, welding, and fabrication. Proudly serving the Sydney Area and the entire state of New South Wales, B & R Australia Pty Ltd is committed to delivering excellence in meeting welding and repair needs.

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