Welcome to B & R Australia, your trusted partner in advanced boilermaking, metal fabrication, and custom fabrication solutions. Serving versatile industries, we combine decades of expertise, state-of-art facilities, and a superior workforce to deliver quality, efficiency, and reliability unmatched in the industry.


Boilermaking Services

Boilermaking - an age-old craft that marries engineering precision with demanding physicality - is central to industries ranging from construction, mining, energy to maritime. Our commitment to this craft shapes the backbone of B & R Australia.

Our team of skilled boilermakers brings a wealth of experience in designing, fabricating, installing, and repairing boilers and other large vessels that contain liquids and gases. But our expertise stretches beyond traditional boilermaking. We pride ourselves on our unique selling points:

  1. Unwavering commitment to safety and compliance to industrial standards.
  2. Proven ability to handle complex projects involving pressure parts, tankage, piping, and structural steel.
  3. An impressive portfolio of successful projects and satisfied clients.
  4. Efficient project management ensuring deliveries within timeline and budget constraints.
  5. A culture of continuous learning and innovation keeps us at the forefront of the industry.

Metal Fabrication Services

Metal fabrication, the process of creating machines and structures from raw metal materials, is critical for all sectors, from automotive, construction, aerospace to electronics. It is the magic that turns a simple sheet of metal into a masterpiece fitting into the modern world's larger puzzle.

At B & R Australia, our metal fabrication service is a symphony of cutting-edge technology and time-tested techniques. Our capabilities include:

  1. Cutting: Precise cutting techniques for all types of metals.
  2. Forming: Utilizing advanced machinery to shape metals.
  3. Machining: Expert machining enabling accurate removal of metal.
  4. Welding: Certified welding processes ensuring strong, durable connections.

Whether it's a simple component or a complex structure, we apply the same level of dedication and precision to guarantee products of the highest quality.


Custom Fabrication Services

The one-size-fits-all mindset does not apply when it comes to meeting unique fabrication needs. This is where custom fabrication comes into play - tailoring services to create customized structures or components.

Custom Fabrication is one of B & R Australia's cornerstones, showcasing our commitment to meeting and exceeding client expectations. Our custom fabrication services bank on flexibility, versatility, and individuality. Be it one-off designs or complex requirements, our team is equipped to conceptualize, design, and create solutions that match your exact specifications.

Our portfolio, peppered with examples of intricate commissions to large-scale projects, stands testimony to our successful adaptations of custom fabrication.


B & R Australia, your trusted partner in advanced boilermaking, metal fabrication, and custom fabrication solutions

From classic boilermaking, all-inclusive metal fabrication to bespoke custom fabrication solutions, B & R Australia is your partner for quality and reliability. We offer a canvas of services and capabilities, painted with dedication, efficiency, and superior industry understanding.

Why settle for off-the-rack when you can have customized solutions that fit your specific needs like a glove? Reach out to us today for your fabrication requirements. Let's weave success stories together, one project at a time.

B & R Australia - Passion for perfection in every piece we make.

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