Material Welding

Expert welding services for steel, aluminum, stainless steel, bisalloy, and various specialized materials.

Air Arc Gouging, Hard Facing, Plasma/OXY Cutting & Lancing

Specialized metal fabrication techniques including cutting, gouging, and hard facing for industrial applications.

Mobile/Site/Structural/Pressure Welding

Professional welding services for mobile, on-site, structural, and pressure welding requirements.

Stick, MIG & TIG Welding

“Versatile welding techniques including stick, MIG, and TIG for various metal joining applications.”

B & R Australia Pty Ltd is a trusted on-site welding and repair specialist, providing top-tier services such as repairs, welding, and fabrication. Proudly serving the Sydney Area and the entire state of New South Wales, B & R Australia Pty Ltd is committed to delivering excellence in meeting welding and repair needs.

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